Temporary PEEK Abutments: Advantages and Applications

The Advantages and Applications of Temporary PEEK Abutments

In the field of dental implantology, temporary PEEK abutments are a useful and commonly used solution for a successful implantation procedure. These abutments act as ‘placeholders’ prior to the implementation of permanent abutments. PEEK, or Polyether ether ketone, is a material that perfectly suits the requirements and characteristics needed for temporary abutments, making it an optimal match for short-term abutment placement. This OEMDent.com blog post explores the benefits, applications, and distinctive features of temporary PEEK abutments, highlighting why they are a valuable choice for dental professionals.

Benefits of Temporary PEEK Abutments

The PEEK material is known for its excellent combination of strength and elasticity, making it a standout material for abutments. It is highly resistant to chemicals, biocompatible, and aesthetically pleasing with low electrical conductivity. These attributes make temporary PEEK abutments ideal for dental applications, ensuring patient safety and comfort while maintaining a natural look.

One of the primary benefits of temporary PEEK abutments is their biocompatibility. This material does not cause adverse reactions when in contact with biological tissues, promoting healing and stability (as supported by this study). Additionally, the aesthetic quality of the PEEK material closely resembles human bone and teeth, making it particularly suitable for visible areas of the mouth.

The strength and elasticity of PEEK contribute to its durability, allowing it to withstand mechanical stresses and reduce the likelihood of fractures. This longevity translates to cost benefits for patients, as it minimizes the need for frequent replacements. While temporary PEEK abutments do not have sufficient biomechanical requirements to replace definitive titanium abutments, they are considered an optimal solution for temporary abutments. They are especially effective in the anterior region, where lower masticatory forces exist, and for patients without parafunction.

Applications of Temporary PEEK Abutments

  • For internal hex connection, temporary PEEK abutments feature a 2.42mm hex connection and a diameter of Ø3.75mm, and are compatible with a variety of systems, including AB Dent®, Alfa Gate®, Alpha Bio®, BioHorizons®, BlueSkyBio®, Cortex®, DSI®, GDT Dental Implants®, Implant Direct Legacy®, MIS Seven®, Noris Medical®, Paltop®, Ritter®, SGS®, and Zimmer®. Available in variety of sizes.
  • For conical connections, temporary PEEK abutments are compatible with ADIN CloseFit®, BlueSkyBio Max®, Cortex®, DSI®, GDT Dental Implants®, and NobelActive®. They offer a 2.65mm connection for regular platforms (RP) with diameters of Ø4.75mm  and variety of sizes. There is also a 2.25mm conical connection for narrow platforms (NP) with diameters of Ø4.75mm and Ø5mm, and variety of sizes.


In conclusion, temporary PEEK abutments are a significant advancement in dental implantology. Their unique combination of strength, biocompatibility, and aesthetic properties make them an excellent choice for temporary dental restorations. As highlighted in this OEMDent.com blog post, temporary PEEK abutments provide reliable, effective solutions that ensure patient satisfaction and clinical success.

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