Surface Treatments for Dental Implants: SLA vs. RBM

Surface Treatments for Dental Implants: SLA vs. RBM

When it comes to dental implants, surface treatment is crucial for ensuring optimal integration and longevity. OEMDent features two advanced surface treatments for our wide selection of dental implants which significantly enhances their performance: Sandblast, Large Grit, Acid-Etch (SLA) and Resorbable Blast Media (RBM). In this blog post, we will highlight the advantages and special characteristics of each surface treatment. 

SLA Surface Treatment

SLA surface treatment is designed to improve osseointegration, the process by which bone bonds with the implant. This technique employs large-grit sandblasting to create macro-roughness on titanium surfaces, followed by acid-etching to add micro-roughness. This dual-level roughness is ideal for cell attachment, fostering greater bone-to-implant contact (BIC). By facilitating osteoblast proliferation and adherence, SLA treatment accelerates osseointegration, contributing to increased implant stability and extended longevity.

RBM Surface Treatment

RBM surface treatment also aims to enhance implant roughness and hydrophilicity without leaving any residual particles. This method involves blasting the implant with hardened particles of Hydroxyapatite (beta-tricalcium Phosphate, Alpha Tcp, TTcp, and Calcium Phosphate (CPP)), followed by a detailed passivation process to remove these particles. RBM achieves a roughness between Ra 1.2 and 1.5, surpassing traditional acid etching. The result is improved osseointegration, better retention, enhanced biological fixation, and increased implant-to-bone contact.


Both SLA and RBM surface treatments provide significant benefits for dental implants. SLA promotes rapid and stable osseointegration through a textured surface ideal for cell attachment, while RBM offers superior roughness and hydrophilicity without residual particles, ensuring optimal biological fixation and implant stability. Choosing the right surface treatment can make a substantial difference in the success and longevity of dental implants.

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